The Praxis Studio at UVic: 2021-22 Speaker Series

Player Stories

Among the most fascinating aspects of games are the stories players tell with them. This 2021-22 Praxis Studio speaker series attends to how we study, document, and narrate play.

If the event is public + online, then below we provide a zoom URL after the title. Thank you!

2022: Tuesday, April 19th at 1pm

Jentery Sayers (English; CSPT), "Cozy Foley: Unpacking Adaptive Audio" (join via zoom)

Jentery Sayers (he/his) is an associate professor of English and Cultural, Social, and Political Thought at UVic.

2022: Thursday, March 31st at 1:30pm

Braeden Hallman (English), "Let's Play! But How Should We Record?"

Braeden Hallman (he/his) is a UVic undergraduate conducting work study with the Praxis Studio this year.

2022: Thursday, March 10th at 1:30pm

Sara Humphreys (English; ATWP), "Games as Text? Reading, Haptics, and Multimodal Rhetoric" (join via zoom)

Sara Humphreys (she/her) is an assistant teaching professor of English and Academic and Technical Writing at the University of Victoria, with interests in genre studies, games, and social media. She's the author of Manifest Destiny 2.0: Genre Trouble in Game Worlds.

2022: Thursday, February 17th at 1:30pm

Misao Dean (English), “You're Not Playing It Right: Dissenters in the Game World” (join via zoom)

Misao Dean (she/her) is a professor of English at the University of Victoria, with interests in Canadian literature and popular culture.

2021: Thursday, December 9th at 10am

Julie Funk (English; CSPT), “Coded Bodies: Player-Narrative Intertextuality in With Those We Love Alive” (join via zoom)

Julie M. Funk (they/them) is a PhD Candidate in English and CSPT at the University of Victoria. Their research explores how hormones as communicative agents and “chemical messengers” become encoded and decoded across various narratives of bodies and their ecologies.

2021: Thursday, November 25th at 12pm

Abby Fry (Writing; Greek and Roman Studies), “Getting in the Game” (join via zoom)

Abby Fry (she/her) is, depending on how you look at it, a first-, second-, or third-year student at UVic. After a year of daydreaming her way through biopsychology, she quickly realized that the scientific environment wasn't right for her and directed her interests toward her passions: writing, art, music, and video games.

2021: Tuesday, November 16th at 11:45am

Asia Tyson (English), “Let’s Listen: Surveying Sound in Video Games”

Asia Tyson is a fourth-year undergraduate student in English and a research assistant in the Praxis Studio for Comparative Media Studies.

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